You are the Warcaster – Narrative rules for Warcaster models

A warcaster in a skyship is a god of the battlefield: the ship integrating with their natural talent to augment their forces and win any conflict, and being almost invincible from attack. This is why the warcaster has become essential to the modern militaries.

When removed from their console and forced onto the battlefield, the warcaster can throw their skills directly at their foes. However when unleashed they lose out on the force multipliers of the console and are far more vulnerable. Felling an enemy warcaster is the ultimate prize, and even to have the opportunity is rare, but they will not go down without a fight.

Think of arc placed on the warcaster as channelled into their mechanika, and arc in the well as ready for mental tasks. When making an attack, both are available to smash into their enemies.

Scenarios: Warcasters are intended for narrative play at skirmish level. 2 main scenarios feature warcasters, which will be published soon

  • Assassination: one player gets a warcaster, other player wins if they kill the warcaster. Objectives damage the warcaster if attacker controls at end of pulse
  • Duel: each player gets a warcaster, the one with most HP at the end of game wins. Again holding objectives can damage the opponent.

Have a read, and let me know what your favourite warcaster setup is.

Warcaster, 30mm solo


HP: 10

Deployment Cost: 2

CONSOLE FREE: a player with a warcaster model begins the game with only 6 arc in the well

ARC NEXUS: When this model makes a melee or ranged attack roll, it gains one Power Die for each Arc in the well. This model can be charged with up to 2 arc.

MISSION CRITICAL: this model must be deployed at start of the game, and cannot be recalled. If this model leaves play or is destroyed, you lose the game immediately 

Charge POWER FIELD: This model gains +1 ARM for each arc it is currently charged with

Spike FLURRY ACTIVATOR: once per activation, immediately after completing its attacks this model can spike to make one additional melee attack

Spike SHAKE IT OFF: Choose one continuous effect on this model. It immediately expires.

ARC RELAY [12] – This model can channel Fury Cyphers. A Fury Cypher channeled through this model is RNG 12.

HANDGUN: range 8 pow 3 ranged ballistic weapon

SWORD: range 1, pow 4 melee kinetic weapon

Mechanika (up to 5 weapon points)

Hard points: up to 1 handgun replacement, 1 sword replacement, 2 other Artifacts

Replace HANDGUN with

  • ARC LOCK PISTOL (cost 3, MW only). rng10, pow3 ballistic ranged weapon 
    • Each time this weapon makes an attack, choose one of the following
      • RICOCHET: this is a blast weapon
      • THUNDERSTRUCK: this attack gains the repulsor advantage 
      • SNIPE: this attack gains +4rng
  • ASSAULT RIFLE (cost 2), ring12,pow4 ballistic ranged weapon
  • DECK GUN (cost 2) rng8, pow 4, ballistic ranged weapon
    • Spray
  • INFERNO PISTOL (cost 1) rng8, pow3 energy ranged weaponSpike
    • IGNITE: – When this model hits a target with an attack with this weapon, it can spike once to cause the target to suffer the fire continuous effect
  • INTERLOCK SHIELD (cost 1, ISA only) rng1, pow3 kinetic melee weapon
    • While within 1″ of a friendly warrior model, this model gains +1ARM
    • Charge REFLEX ACCELERATOR: When this model makes its attacks during its activation while it is charged, it can attack with all of its weapons.
  • NULL PHASER (cost 2), rng8, pow 3 Beam ranged weapon
    • NULL STRIKE: Clear 1 Arc from the unit or void gate hit by this weapon
  • SUBMACHINE GUN (cost 2) rng8, pow3 Strafe ballistic ranged weapon
    • Spike PRAY AND SPRAY: After rolling for number of additional strafe attacks, this model can spike to reroll the number of additional attacks.

replace SWORD with

  • BATTLE STAFF (cost 1) rng2, pow4 kinetic melee weapon
    • Repulsor: When this model hits a model with an equal or smaller sized- base with an attack with this weapon, before damage is rolled, the model hit is slammed 3″ directly away from this model. Collateral damage is equal to the POW of this weapon
  • FUSION SCYTHE (cost 2) rng1, pow 4 kinetic melee weapon
    • HIGH INTENSITY: When this model makes an attack with this weapon while charged, add two power dice to the attack roll for each Arc on it instead of one.
  • MOMENTUM AXE (cost 1) rng 2, pow3, kinetic melee weapon
    • CLEAVE: If this model destroys an enemy model with an attack with this weapon, it can immediately make an additional attack with this weapon. Attacks generated by Cleave cannot generate further additional attacks.
  • PROSTHETIC CLAW (cost 1) rng 1, pow 4, kinetic melee weapon
    • STUN MODULE – Immediately after hitting a target with this weapon, this model can spike once to give the unit hit an activation token.
  • WITCH DAGGER (cost 2) rng1, pow3 kinetic melee weapon
    • DISPEL: If the attack hits, enemy cypher cards on the model hit expire
    • THAUMATURGIC INITIATOR: When this model destroys one or more enemy models with an attack with this weapon during its activation, after the attack has been resolved, this unit can spike to use Thaumaturgic Initiator. When it does so, you can immediately play and channel a Fury Cypher through this model.

Mechanika Artifacts

    • *Action Tune Up: This model can take a special action to tune up a friendly warjack within 1″ of it. Continuous effects on the warjack immediately expire, then the warjack gains the tune up continuous effect.
    • SLIP DISPLACER: Once per activation, this model can spike to move up to 3″.
  • BANE LORD: cost 2, AC only
    • This models weapons gain the corrosion continuous effect
  • ARC EXCHANGE: cost 1
    • You can charge this model with up to 1 Arc at the start of its activation if it is not already charged. Additionally, you can clear any amount of Arc from this model at the end of its activation.
  • SOUL SEEKER: cost 2
    • This model can target warrior models with ranged weapons without line of sight
    • Once per game during his activation, this model can spike to put a wild card solo model who was not part of your list into your reserves. You can immediately deploy the chosen model within 1” of this model. 
    • While this model is charged, Fury Cyphers channeled through it gain +5 RNG
    • When a friendly model is targeted and hit by an enemy attack while within 5″ of this model, this model can spike to be hit instead
    • This model’s ranged weapons gain +2 RNG
  • JUMP JETS: cost 2
    • Once per activation, this model can spike to gain +3 SPD and flight until the end of its activation
  • ARCANUM MODULE: cost 1, Empyreans only
    • When you target this unit with a Cypher, you can charge it with up to 1 Arc if it is not already charged. When this unit is targeted by an enemy Fury, after the attack is resolved, you can charge this unit with up to 1 Arc if it is not already charged.
  • COMBAT MASTER: cost 2
    • This model gains the Weapon Expert advantage
    • This model gains +1 MAT
  • GRAVITY BOMB (cost 1) Rng 6, pow 3 Force and Explosion ranged weapon
    • Blast Weapon
    • A model hit by this weapon suffers the lock down continuous effect

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