Warfaire Weekend 2022 Summary by Warbudgies

Well, we’re all back from Warfaire Weekend 2022 with most of our sanity intact, and after copious amounts of sleep followed by caffeine, it’s time to talk about Warcaster. This year we had two events on the docket, with some beautiful terrain courtesy of Muse on Minis, Death Ray Designs, and TinkerTurf on which to wage our warfare, and what warfare there was!

Jericho Reach: Lawgiver

Since the start of the Jericho Reach story, the Lawgiver flagship has symbolized the ISA’s iron grip on the world below it. This year, as Jericho Reach Season 2 came to a close, we held a free-for-all narrative event to let the players decide what happened to the ship itself! We kicked off with six players: three AC, two ISA, and a Marchers World representative spread over two tables. Well, two and a half.

The players were split between two boards(3 players each), representing the port facilities on the surface of Jericho Reach, with one objective located in the center of the board. The middle board served as one of the decks of the Lawgiver hovering above in low orbit, with two more objectives there. A pair of lifts on each board would bring units up to the Lawgiver, arriving in contact with the center structure.

The players were not allowed to cross to the other side of the barrier and interfere with the other game. Yes, the question was anticipated and was asked. You guys are great.

And things turned into absolute carnage very quickly, as they should, with some players making a blitz play for the Lawgiver and others trying to cement a hold on the port facilities below. On top of which, each player had a secret objective they randomly drew at the start of the game that was worth one victory point if they met the conditions on the card.

In the end, the Marcher Worlds won on Board One, and the ISA took Board Two. They agreed that the Lawgiver would be allowed to leave peacefully…with a little explosive surprise left in its cargo hold as a parting gift from the Reach. The ship limped back to Bastion and will return in future seasons bearing its own scars from this war!

Warcaster Championship

Saturday saw the Warcaster Championship launch with four players, with three armies of the Aeternus Continuum and one force of ISA squaring off for the coveted title of Warcaster Champion for the year!

The players went through two rounds of single-elimination at Modified Skirmish (11+2) army sizes. The first scenario was a War Budgies favorite: the Chaos Theory scenario and its chronically vanishing objective points, which advanced Richie’s ISA and Jason’s AC to the final round!

The second round was the Moon Shadow scenario, putting a blanket of darkness over the battlefield as the two finalists crawled through a cityscape in a blaze of fire and melee combat! In the end, the ISA came through like a champ and Richie Kammer was crowned our Warcaster Champion for WFW 2022!

And that’s all we had for this year! We are incredibly grateful for all the players who showed up and participated in the chaos, the laughs, the shouts, and the occasionally merciless strike dice. We hope to see you guys next year at Warfaire Weekend 2023 for more Warcaster action!

War Budgies

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