Warjacks gone wild: crazy builds from the community

My challenge to the community: give me your most fun warjack builds: not the best, the weirdest and most fun. Below are the responses we got – thank you all for sending them through.

I am looking to collect some people’s favourite warjack loadouts. But not the normal, optimised ones, I am looking for the fun combos, the “I thought it might work” build, people who’ve had success with something other than the usual.

  • If you have an obscure combo that needs opponent positioning and perfect dice to work, I want to hear from you
  • If you designed a warjack entirely to hunt one model, I want to hear from you
  • If you found a use for the Spider cortex, I want to hear from you
  • If you glued the coolest looking swords to make a Firebrand into a Protoss zealot and never read the rules, I really want to hear from you.

“Sidekick” Dusk Wolf – MartyrForTheCause

Neural Net with Flamethrower, Talon Rocket Pod, and Ripper

By Pulse 2, in Skirmish games it can be handy to drop a warjack that you don’t need to spoil with arc to have perform. It is also nice to have said warjack live long enough to be a threat. With the Neural Net cortex you get +1 DEF per friendly unit within 5″ (max +3). It’s not hard to summon 1 or 2 solos along with the Sidekick, and doing so within 5″ of another 1 or 2 existing units will bring you up to DEF 6 literally right out of the void gate! With a spray weapon, a blast weapon, and a melee weapon, the Sidekick is ready to contribute one way or another, even if you don’t have a lot of arc for it. Of course, that DEF will drop quick as attrition sets in, but it is fun to throw your DEF around while it lasts.

“Sidekick” by MartyrForTheCause

“Bomberman” Strike Raptor – Mike Carey

Bomber Cortex, 2 Talon Missiles, 2 Flamethrowers

Why you did it: Because I like fire. The Bomber Cortex encourages me to spike (or use the Cypher card) for flight, which allows for an extra 4″ of movement while it fires ze missiles. At the end of its extended movement, it unloads both flamethrowers into whoever thought they were safe. With flight, it also lets you harass models trying to hide up on rooftops or behind buildings.

“Bomberman” by Mike Carey

Firebrand – Tim Malm

Vanquisher Cortex, 2x Assault Rifle/Bayonets, Harbinger Cannon

This build is a highly specific build and needs support. It needs to be summoned when your opponent is unlikely to kill it on their turn (like when they need their unit activation for scenario). Use either the Weaver spike or cypher card to full charge it. Move it in and use all of its ranged attacks to activate the Vanquisher cortex effect to reach melee range to use the bayonets. The base power of the weapons max out at 4, but with 3 power dice on each attack it can put out a lot of damage onto most things. It’s main purpose is to go after a single important target like a heavy or vehicle and kill it, and then likely die. If your opponent decides to not target it for some reason you can reactivate it using either the cypher or the automech spike to remove its activation token and cause even more damage.

“Glitch” Dusk Wolf – by Mike Carey

Neural Net Cortex, Blazer, 2 Slug Guns

I wanted a mid-field support jack that would be an absolute pain in the ass. It weaves around friendly models for the DEF buffs, all the while setting things on fire and knocking opponents away from it (or off of objectives).

“Glitch” by Mike Carey

“Longshot” Dusk Wolf – Jason Anderson

Scout, Rail Gun, 2xBattle Rifle

The most basic Marcher Worlds warjack build. RNG 18 big gun plus two RNG 16 arm guns lets you reach out and touch someone. Scout cortex is taken over the Sniper cortex because ignoring cover is a far far better perk than +2 RNG. Pathfinding is just gravy on top.

“Guns” Nemesis – Chris Schmidt

Beholder, 2x Starfall cannons, 2xVoid splitters

I wanted to see if I could get use out of the Beholder cortex, and also out of the void splitter. The void splitter’s biggest sin is RNG8, and Beholder helps that. Similarly, the Starfall is a bit short range at 10”, so helps here too. Plus, the nemesis wants to sit on an arc load anyway, so HI weapons are a good pick.

Anyway, it sure does evaporate stuff!

“Guns” by Chris Schmidt

Strike Raptor – Jim Birrell

Dog Fighter cortex, fusion drill, slug gun, 2x particle cannon.

The idea is to get into melee with a hard to kill target, hit it with the fusion drill, then push it away with the slug gun, (hopefully near other enemies) so you can blast it with the particle cannons.

“Boomstriker” Strike Raptor – Jason Anderson

Bomber cortex, Vortex Missile, Talon Rocket Pod, Rock Buster, Fusion Drill

Hit it with Ascension Catalyist, Spike for Jump Jets, blast something easy to hit with a pair of missiles and start punching things that were 17″ away at the start of the turn.

For extra threat range you can swap the arm weapons for a pair of flamethrowers. 25″ of threat range, but not as much hitting power as the melee weapons.

“Flying Discombobulator” Nemesis – Dylan / gedditoffme

Beholder cortex, 2xDisplacer, Obliterator

Reposition opponents towards table edge then slam them off for an instant kill. Displacer can spike to reposition within 3″, but the distance moved adds base size meaning vehicles and warjacks can go a really long way: a bit more than 12″ for an 80mm base and 2 displacer shots. Finish with an Obliterator slam to fling them off the table edge. Beholder cortex adds 2″ range to keep them in range as you move them, and reach into enemy deployment in skirmish to really give them a bad start. Combo with Nihilation Vortex or Velocity projector furies for more slams and places! The theoretical threat ranges are absolutely wild (12″ place for 80mm base plus 3″ slam means anywhere on a skirmish board is in range of the table edge), but limited by terrain, nemesis position to line up the last slam and keeping them in range after displaces.

“Flying Discombobulator” by Dylan / gedditoffme

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