Full set of Translations for the Rulebook runes

Thousand Worlds Runes Translated

Below is a summary of all usage of runes in the Thousand Worlds book. Most of these were just in the footers of each section. Underneath the table I’ve shown some translated pictures that are repeated. All the footers below are in “Rune” language.

My favourite: “Those Exiled Will Return”, from the ominious Omens image. May be an additional clue about faction 6, which I want to link to this Omen. Second favourite is the Game rules “Nothing Is Perfect But We Try”, which is a great sentiment for a first edition wargame 🙂

Foreword: Warcaster Neo Mechanika The Thousand Worlds
Overview: Enter The Hyperion
Timeline: Five Thousand Years Of History
ISA Section: Peace Prosperity Perseverance
Marchers section: We Come With The Storm
AC Section: Life Augmented Immortality Death Defied
Empyrean Section: We Are Cyriss Eternal
Wildcard Section: You Get What You Pay For
Omens: Those Exiled Will Return
Game Rules: Nothing Is Perfect But We Try
Appendix: All The Other Stuff

Pictures Translated

This picture has 5 digits, but the first doesn’t appear in either font, with the rest being ?9183. I’m not clear from context what it could mean. The picture itself is repeated many times over the book

Rune: ? 9183

The next one is also repeated many times, and is in the “Glyph” Language. It says “Cyriss Prime”, but you might not need me to tell you that 🙂

The next picture is repeated a few times, this one also in the Glyph Language. It says “Searching For Signal Searching For Signal”. This one appears a few times in the cards appendix, in every faction other than AC. I wonder if this means the AC have somehow blocked the others from transmitting messages.

AC Logo includes a slogan around it – this one is only in the AC Section. It uses the Rune language to say “Immortality / Life Augmented / Death Defied” around the triangle. This one leads me to speculate that the AC are the only faction to use the rune alphabet more widely than just warcasters.

The Wanted Posters

There are 2 wanted posters for Harlan Sek and Jax Redblade. Both are written from the ISA viewpoint in the Glyph language, and are the main usage of this language. Neither wild card works for ISA, I wonder if they put up wanted posters for Voitek and Myra, but just tolerate working with them occasionally.

If you have the book, each poster also has an English copy of the text opposite. This was something I only realised after doing the translations 🙂



Redblade Is Wanted For Crimes Against The Iron Star Alliance Including Piracy Pillage Looting Wanton Destruction Hijacking Extortion And Murder Redblade Is A Known Operative Of The Coalition Of Free States And The Aeternus Continuum Approach With Extreme Caution If You Have Any Information Regarding To The Whereabouts Of This Fugitive And Cutthroat Please Contact The Nearest Regional Justicars Office






Sek Is Wanted For Crimes Against The Iron Star Alliance Including Smuggling Looting War Profiteering Conspiracy Murder And Treason Against Humanity 

Sek Is A Known Operative Of The Aeternus Continuum And The Empyrean Menace Approach With Extreme Caution Sek Is Known To Truck With Inhuman Aliens And To Possess Dangerous And Unlicensed Protoworlder Technologies 

If You Have Any Information Regarding To The Whereabouts Of This

Fugitive And Cutthroat Please Contact The Nearest Regional Justicars Office

Pre-Thousand Worlds

Below are the translations of the previous books – full credit to the original translator for this. These are all using the “Rune” Language.

Original WNM release:

Seek the prime for he alone holds the answer to humanities survival.

The darkness will return from exile to claim the worlds

The key to immortality lies within the vault of the arc lich.

The one who has transcended time is our bridge to the past

There are no gods

Here the alliance septarchs will decide the fate of a thousand worlds

Twothousand three hundred and thirty souls forged a future for humanity in the Hyperuranion

The blood of the Hellslinger flows through Fangs veins

The Empyreans have awoken and they will not rest until order is restored to the Cyriss.

Beware the trackless void lest you find eternity as its haunt

They drain the life blood of Cyriss and threaten all that we have worked for

The decree of the justicar is law and to defy it is death

That which was banished threatens us far more than which we fear before us

The keepers will lead us to the future by showing us the past

The Thousand worlds will know the name of Hierotheos Raxis

The Marcher Worlds will not bow to tyranny nor terror

Gubbin was here

Written on the top of the Kickstarter 1 unit cards:

Pioneers of the thousand worlds

Collision Course:

Order must be restored for arcanessence to be everlasting.

The Empyreans will cure Cyriss of the human infection.

Protect the Keepers to protect humanitys legacy.

The Curator has unearthed a key to the past.

Only time will tell if the Hyperuranion can persevere.

The immortal Warwitches awaken for battle.

Seek the lost soul that dwells among the vermin of the fringe.

The greatest threat comes from the darkness beyond not the darkness within.

The Baron’s allegiance is conflicted.

The ephemerides of the gates of caspius are the key to undoing the alliance.

The Prime must be found.

The lost legion will return.

Death awaits all flesh but eternity will open to the continuum.

The secrets of the Hyperuranion can be found in empyrean vaults.

The Alliance has raised the price on Aenigmas head.

What the pioneers believed was the greatest threat is wrong.

The hellbringer will unlock immortality.

The Marchers grow beyond the gaze of the Iron Star.

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  1. Phil

    “The blood of the hellsinger flows through fands veins”

    “Fangs”? And “Hellslinger”?

    So Artemis Fang is a relative of Caine or one of his hellslingers?

    1. Arcane Synthesis

      Hey, you read it right – definitely sounds like Artemis fang is a 5,000 yr descendant of Caine. I’ll need to check again if the typos are in the original runes, or got smooshed in by autocorrect

    2. Arcane Synthesis

      Hey, checked the original source and they were indeed typos. It was obvious, but wasn’t sure if the errors were in the rulebook or the translation. Have fixed a few typos in my translations.

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