One Year down – 4999 to go! Best of the first year

It has been 1 year since the first article on Arcane Synthesis, and we’ve covered a lot.

I have loved sharing the content from a wide range of contributors. If anyone wants to write for Arcane Synthesis, you are welcome to reach out – no special skills needed, just want to share anything about the game that you find exciting!

To go slightly nostalgic, and in no particular order, below are some of my favourite articles from the first year

Faction Overviews

A goal was to give people a good guide on each faction and how to play their first few games. I am proud of all 3 faction guides so far, and it is a top priority to finish the Empyreans guide. Each of these had great contribution from different people, distilling all the wisdom of the players to a single guide.

Arcanessecent time

This was the first article published, and a great series now it is finished covering the 5,000 years of history in the Cyriss Galaxy. The tone is fun, of a wizened old historian talking down at a new member of the Aetetrnus, and it is good background for those who want to understand the Lore of Warcaster.

Wild Card Rankings

This was a fun article to write, trying to explain some of the unintuitive strategies and powers of some of the most interesting wild cards in Warcaster. I’ve seen a lot of conversation about Quartermaster and Tulcan, and “wait, can we really do this” is always enjoyable to discuss.

Mid Size sorties

Sorties offered a different way to play. The mid size (11+2) game had been independently ‘discovered’ by a few play groups, however this gave a standardised set of rules and argument about why you should consider it.

Cold Storage

The Vancouver community are great incubators for competitive tournaments in Warcaster, and I love the design of Cold Storage for a fun but tight scenario. Information Warfare is a followup to this, and I understand there is more to come.

Upcoming new releases

We all want more Warcaster, and this one was a reminder of all that is coming out. While 2023 isn’t likely any more, it is still being worked on, and expected soon. Hopefully there is more for us to comment on soon 🙂

What’s next for Arcane Synthesis

So plans for the next, here are the bigger projects I am working on. I can always do with others willing to contribute, or sense check my thoughts, so reach out if you would like to assist.

  • Empyrean Faction guide: This is a top priority, to make sure the horrible robot squids have the best chance to destroy humanity. To be honest it’s overwhelming, because there are so many nasty tricks in one faction 🙂
  • Development of Rogue Skirmish: I like the concept of random competitive scenarios and got good feedback. I will keep developing into a finished beta, and then get more feedback and testing
  • Guide to running a demo game: Like the “Building a Meta” article, a lot of people are looking for help finding people to play against. I am looking to give people some simple guidelines to showing a new player a demo game and show off the best bits of Warcaster

If anyone wants to contribute strategies, scenarios, short stories, battle reports, or anything else Warcaster related, this is a place for the community to keep talking about Warcaster!

Forward to another 4,999 years 🙂

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  1. Thank you for championing this project! It’s been a great ride so far, and I am excited for what is planned to come up next.

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