3 of the best community projects

Arcane Synthesis is about developing new content for Warcaster, but also about highlighting some of the best fan made content that already exists. Below are some efforts I’ve seen from others that I wanted to give a worthy (fist) bump

Tales of Jericho Reach

This is 27 pages of top notch lore / fiction from Joshua Aaron Smith. They are 2 pages each, giving short snippets into the stories of thousand worlds, similar in the style of PP’s official “Wild Cards Gone Wild” series. I love how much character is stuffed into each story, and can’t recommend it enough for those hungry to read more about Warcaster Neo Mechanika.

I loved these stories and don’t know what more to say about them: they are high quality, well written, and feel like the world(s) of Warcaster.

Release post https://www.facebook.com/groups/849450372086515/permalink/1677043565993854/?app=fbl

Battle Cruiser Army Builder

A fantastic web app to build Warcaster lists, developed by Sergi on the warcaster discord. Supports all models including cadres, all list sizes including ‘modified’ size and also let’s you build your cypher deck. All models include links to the official rules. If you need to quickly build a warcaster list, this is the tool.


War Budgies – Jericho Reach Campaign

I almost didn’t post this, because it has rightly got so much attention already, and I didn’t want to steal too much thunder from the amazing War Budgies (who is also working on articles for Arcane Synthesis). But I will put it forward anyway: I love the plot, the battle reports, but especially the narrative style and sense of lore.

His games are narrative efforts, but still based on core rulebook / pendulum scenarios. Each comes with tweaks in the rules for flavour – eg arc overload if models stay near exploding geysers at end of turn. They also mix up terrain: with claustrophobic environments my favourite: eg on battlecruisers or on a moving train, or a split table to represent above and below ground.

His lore is to be commended too – building a set of characters and a reason for the 4 factions to fight within a single world. This culminates in a sourcebook including a Lore dump, but also special rules for Jericho Reach scenarios, faction painting guides, and characters.

The War Budgies Youtube Channel is here, with 2 seasons of Narrative Battle Reports https://www.youtube.com/c/WarBudgies

The Jericho Reach Sourcebook (pdf) is here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1hQet3yWsBgYxpf8KrNNHADWqVfOlCnax/view?fbclid=IwAR1WgdSwJfwACfhtofxxwpzDTqzoOJMRf1Tk4ftUAEJ7_keYdLC-blx162c

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