Armies on Parade: community edition

We’re taking a moment to feature some of the fantastically fully painted armies of community members. The great thing about Warcaster armies is there is so much variety in the paint schemes and they can all look good.

Hopefully these pictures will inspire others to try something wild 🙂

Thank you to all those who contributed photos to this post.

Mantlet Whisperer: Iron Star Alliance garrison on planet Jaburo-2 ready for action!

Mifflefish: family photo of the Killbotersons Empyreans
Mifflefish Marcher Worlds force
chorazpj: ISA Full Battle Force
SolS Marcher Worlds Skirmish force
Nato’s Neon Aeternus Continuum
gedditoffme’s Aeternus Continuum
Sebastian’s Empyrean Full Battle Force

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