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More of the best community projects

More links to great Warcaster communities and projects – if you are working on anything I have missed, or have a great article idea for Arcane Synthesis – leave me a comment.

Wardice Podcast

A great series: discussion between Gonzo and War budgies on an element of the game with discussions around an hour. They have covered list building for each faction, terrain, tournaments, favourite scenarios, and more.

Below is the link to the creator’s page: the Warcaster content is mixed with other games, but there are 11 episodes so far if you scroll through and look for Wardice (ctrl-f is your friend).

Savage Bruski

Some great content on Savage Bruski’s youtube and instagram, and I know he is looking to move more into Warcaster. So far he has done a discussion on warjack loadouts, and some great terrain tutorials: I love the Starcraft minerals as arc themed terrain. I will be keeping an eye on these channels and keen to see where they go.

Starcraft minerals… or Warcaster crystals?

Thunderhead studio

Thunderhead is a shop for 3D printable files that work for Warcaster. Currently it is transitioning from its previous webstore, and not all content is moved yet, however as a customer I absolutely love his void gates and bases and used them for my AC. Also popular is an arc geyser terrain that doubles as a Warcaster token holder, objective rings, and objective markers (still transitioning to new store).

Not for sale, but available on Warcaster discord, are a set of resin printable proxy weapons for easy Warjack magnetisation. I love these alternatives: such as a belt fed Scourge nailer that looks brutally efficient.

Old store (closing down)

current store (work in progress)

Arcane Stats- Warcaster dice math

For those struggling to get their head around the probabilities on Warcaster strike dice – this tool gives % chance to do damage if you enter the stats (or numbers of white & red dice for each roll). It’s like arguing over which superheroes would win a fight: but with math.

In the ultimate showdown between charged Axel and a Divine Tempest, the robot is 74% likely to do at least 1 damage, 17% to do 2, an outside chance to do 3 and 0.01% likely to do 4. I hope he runs away afterwards, because 99.99% of the time: I don’t like his chances after making her angry!

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