Alphabets of Neo Mechanika

A weird diversion into the language of Warcaster Neo Mechanika, in particular the 2 sets of runes used in the rulebooks. I will show the full translations of both sets, as well as speculate how they are used.

The alphabets themselves

There are 2 sets of alphabets in the Thousand Worlds book: the “Rune” and “Glyph”. My sources for 2 languages

  1. One of the backer benefits from the first Kickstarter was a digital font representing the ‘rune’ alphabet. This was used in the first 2 rulebooks (in starter box and collision course) and cards, mostly for Easter Eggs on the edges.
  2. The wanted posters for wildcards in the thousand worlds book show a different ‘glyph’ alphabet, along with a few other smaller easter eggs. The pdf file allowed me to paste from here to plaintext to translate, and even extract it into a font. Note there is no usage of Q or Z, so I have added glyphs for these (by flipping a G and S respectively). I have named this after the font used in the pdf – which called it a Glyph.

I will show them below, but put them against an Iron Kingdoms language image circulating the old pp forums.

Feel free to contact me for a copy of the Glyph font – would love to see how people could use it creatively.

Translation table showing the 2 alphabets used in thousand worlds, overlaid with the old Iron Kingdom runes (to show similarity with Runes)

Full set (including numbers)

“Rune” Alphabet

In the blue above is the main rune language used in the books. I have put it between the old Iron Kingdoms Cygnar and Khador because it looks like an evolution of the old Warcaster runes, likely kept alive and modified by the Keepers and Warcasters. You can see this in characters such as “B”, “C”, “E” in particular – each look like they are based off an old IK rune.

This is the language of magic and history, and I suspect not used by the regular citizens of the Marchers and Iron Star Alliance. However there is power in these words, and it is important to Warcaster magic and the Aeternus Continuum both for the arcane power and understanding history. It is notable that in the thousand worlds book, an Aeternus Continuum logo includes a slogan written in this language, while the other factions use English slogans – showing a higher importance of runes to the priests and military of the inner cult.

“Glyph” Alphabet

The Red text above shows the Glyphs extracted from Wanted Posters, and used in only a few places elsewhere. As mentioned, they were extracted plaintext from the pdf, however they are very similar to English characters once you get your eye in – look for C, E, L, O, S, T. Generally I could translate the scattered uses of this language without referring to the runes, just squint a bit, guess a few letters and using context.

The Wanted Posters are written for the Iron Star Alliance civilians and low ranking military – a broad audience. This is the language that the general population would use, and possibly shared by the Marchers (who may also have a separate language).

To go a bit meta, this isn’t used much in the book possibly because you are the warcaster – the Thousand Worlds sourcebook is written for you, and it is expected you will understand the true runes of magic.


Ok, in truth there are plenty of ‘in universe’ usage of English as well. Most obviously a Void Gate Safety Poster on pg 21. But lets not get too bogged down 🙂 Maybe the Military language is English, while only civilians use Glyphs.

Extra Quartermaster poster

I used all my knowledge gained from this language dissection to make my own Wanted Poster for the Quartermaster. Enjoy.


For Theft smuggling espionage


The Arms Smuggler

Quartermaster is Wanted for crimes against the Iron Star Alliance including theft smuggling and espionage. She has been seen working for all enemies of the alliance, trading weapons with them, and showing no loyalty to even her own humanity. A merciless shot she has Alliance officer ID and is adept at using it to enter our bases. If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of this violent weapons trader, please contact the nearest Justicar’s office.


Goal here was to dive a bit deeper into the language of the thousand worlds, and what it might mean. I’ve already posted all the known usage of these runes, and the interesting implications here.

I’d love to see & assist anyone who has written messages or images using these languages, or anyone else’s speculation on how these languages work or what the various easter eggs mean. I feel like there’s some untapped that might give hints about future factions or connections to the old Iron Kingdoms.

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