Gameplay Systems within Systems: from the Arc Economist Archives

Warcaster is a series of overlapping systems: it is one of the greatest strengths of the game. Each is relatively simple mechanically, but force some decisions within them. However when multiple contrasting systems clash you get into real strategy: trading objectives against kills, risk against reward, charging models vs furies vs reinforcements.

I will explore these in more detail, but to get started below are some really good summaries of these gameplay mechanics from the “Arc Economist” blog.

The perfect turn

Warcaster is a game with limited turns for each player: getting the most out of each phase is often the difference between winning and losing. This is a great example / summary of that, and honestly I am linking to this blog because I was sitting down to write the same article.

Jax goes for perfect efficiency every time

Arc Management

Impact of models that need to be charged to be effective, and reducing the arc available for other things

Summoning, charging gates

Game size & turn order tactica

Show the differences in gameplay between Skirmish and Primary size – how the win conditions are different

Summary of each faction – core models, theme, style

Look forward to more summaries like this in future, to fill the gaps.

What systems would you like to understand more?

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